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Maintenance Q&A for Your Apartment Home

What are garbage disposals designed for? Small amounts of leftover food from your plate such as any small amount of carrot peelings, tomato chunks, and strawberry stems. What should not go down the garbage disposal? Anything that isn’t biodegradable food and/or items like plastic, metal, cigarettes, animal bones, hamburger, cooking oil or grease, eggshells, potato…

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Favorite Restaurants in Broad Ripple

One of the best features about Monon Place Apartments is the location. You have direct access to Kessler Boulevard, College Avenue, and Keystone Parkway, which all conveniently take you downtown. You’re also just minutes from Broad Ripple Village, a hidden gem of Indy that’s full of bars, restaurants, attractions and entertainment. When we say ‘restaurants’ we…

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